Former Oasis Guitarist Says Liam Gallagher Would Reform The Band In A Second

    Since Oasis broke up in 2009, many fans and writers have been waiting for the day when the brothers Gallagher ultimately bury the hatchet and reform one of the biggest Britpop acts of its time. Though the mud slung back and forth between them seems to be never ending, former rhythm guitar player Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs says that Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher would be willing to form Oasis sooner than later.

    “I’m sure Liam would do it in a shot tomorrow,” he told NME when asked if Oasis would reform. “But you’ve got to listen to what Noel says. He’s not up for it, why does he need to? He’s flying around the world, isn’t he?”

    He also reasons that Noel won’t entertain reunion talks because he doesn’t need the money and has already been in the biggest band in the world.


    Liam’s response to his former bandmate should be interesting to say the least.