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Former Hendrix Bandmate Sues Label, Martin Scorcese, Estate

Here's your litigious post of the day: Lonnie Youngblood, saxophone player notable for touring with James Brown and others, has sued the estate of Jimi Hendrix, MCA Records, and uh, Martin Scorcese for not being credited on "Georgia Blues," a song he and Hendrix, who was a close friend of his in the early '60s, recorded a few months before Hendrix died. Youngblood claims he helped Hendrix write the song in 1969 when they reunited in the studio to record some music together. Then in 2002, he was approached by a Hendrix lawyer to sell his recording of the song, which he refused, saying he was only offerend $3,000.


Youngblood was then surprised to see "Georgia Blues" pop up on the Hendrix blues compilation, Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues: Jimi Hendrix, which did not include Youngblood at all in the credits. Youngblood is suing for unspecified damages, seeking honest retribution and pay for his work on the song. Read his story at Yahoo

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Jimi Hendrix

Lonnie Youngblood should really be ashamed of himself. Of course to do so, he would have to possess some shred of decency which might enable him to have a sense of shame. In addition, the authors of this article should likewise be ashamed for not doing their homework and their research. If they had done so, they would have at least made some mention of the fact that Youngblood has been endlessly cranking out dubious and deceptively labled albums for decades (beginning virtually within months of Hendrix’ death and continuing up to this day) purporting to be his "collaborations" with Hendrix. In reality these albums contain only the same handful of mediocre 1963/64 R&B cuts with Hendrix present only as a sideman and on which his playing is barely audible. To make matters even worse, Youngblood has continuously repackaged this stuff along with completely bogus material he knows full well to have no Hendrix involvement whatsoever and yet he still passes off as Hendrix recordings.

Youngblood has already made far more money off of Hendrix name than his minimal recordings with the artist should ever reasonably have merited. If he is indeed so concerned with "proper credit being given where it is due", he'd best begin by taking a long hard look at his own reprehensible behavior over the past 40 years. He is just yet another in a pathetically long string of vultures pecking over the corpse of an icon to steal the scraps.


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