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Forbes ranks filthy rich musicians

Via: Stereogum
Forbes Magazine released its annual list of the top earners in the U.S. music biz this week. While the top spot is no surprise, some of the names that cracked the top ten were a little unexpected, at least to me. The list is skewed though, insofar as it doesn't account for sponsorships, merchandise sales or any revenue made outside the U.S.--only tour gross and album sales in the States.
01. The Rolling Stones ($150.6 million)
02. Tim McGraw / Faith Hill ($132 million)
03. Rascal Flatts ($110.5 million)
04. Madonna ($96.8 million)
05. Barbra Streisand (95.8 million)
06. Kenny Chesney ($90.1 million)
07. Celine Dion ($85.2 million)
08. Bon Jovi ($77.5 million)
09. Nickelback ($74.1 million)
10. Dave Matthews Band ($60.4 million)
Dave Matthews earned more than Justin Timberlake in 2006? Something is desperately wrong with that. Of course, with Timberlake apparently getting in the pants of both Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, we know who the real winner is.
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Forbes Magazine

Nevermind Dave Matthews Band earning more than Justin - how the hell did Nickelback earn more than Dave Matthews Band??? At least DMB has a cult following among the country's hippie bootleggers.


Pretty sure Dave doesn't get a cut of the hippie-made bootlegs. But yeah, i see your point. I'd like to apologize on behalf of all Canadians for unleashing Nickelback onto the world. They were supposed to remain our secret shame.

Justin Sheppard

What about Rascal Flatts? I wouldn't recognize them if they were sitting next to me, let alone know one of their songs.

Brian Reid

this list is another piece of evidence in my case against middle america.


Justin didn't really start to tour until this year, so I think that accounts for it.Nickelback and Rascal Flatts are super depressing. There isn't much music I won't let my kids listen to, but they are going to be on the short list.

Matthew Gasteier

[...] BILNG BILNG ***** [...]

G.R.A.M.S. Is Geometry Blog » Blog Archive &

DMB doesn't get any money from those bootlegs, but all those hippies have to pay ridiculous ticket prices to get into their shows for the purpose of making those bootlegs. I know someone who followed Dave and co. around the country for years' worth of tours and wound up with a whole CD book filled with his live shows. There are many more where he came from.On another note, does anyone else think it's unfair for a married couple to pair up and count themselves as one act when other singers only have their individual numbers to go off?


God you guys are ******* stupid.


Lol.....50 Cent is now the 400 Million Dollar man.....*********!!!


I guess Faith and Tim will be the king and queen of country music for the rest of the millenium. They will probably end up richer than Bill and Melinda Gates. Doesn't anybody ever get tired of their hackneyed, banal sound? Wish we could bring back Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Emmy Lou Harris, and great songwriters like Gramm Parsons. Tthat was real country. Meanwhile, true talents, like Tift Merrit, can't get a concert tour that packs them in. Further proof of the masses pandering to the mediocre.


How did Rascal Flatts get 110 Million?


Come on. Paul McCartney is by far the worlds richest musician. The guy is a billionaire and has 49% of the entire Beatle catelog plus he owns the copyrights to hundreds of other songs. Everytime the Geogia marching band plays their school song they send McCartney a check.

Duke Winnamucca

To Duke Winnamucca

I think you're getting Paul McCartney mixed up with Michael Jackon in terms of owning the Beatles Catalogue. Michael Jackson owns the piblishing rights to all the Beatles music, along with music from hundreds if not thousands of other artists, including Elvis, Eminem, Beyonce, Britney Spears etc etc etc etc etc.

He owns ATV publishing, which owns 50% of the above with Sony Publishing. Company name, Sony/ATV.





The mostes of money, does not the best music make.
Fleeting dollars will never substitute for a talented piece of music, played as is, mixed, or remixed. You listen today, and it's still playing tomorrow. When it ends, you play it again.
That's the real world of great artists, giving to your mind, and you willingly give your dollar, to forever own and share that listening pleasure at will. Then the musician gives you not just one or three songs on that cd. They give you a disc full of greatness in their want to please themselves, by sharing and pleasing us with one song better than the other. A year later, we are still listening, and realize we overlooked how good the other songs are.
Now that's a list for top ten that should be put in a magazine article. Especially a magazine that writes about REAL capital.

N. L.

Remember, this list is only for the US market AND is only for the year. Paul McCartney is far and away the richest musician. As for the Beatles catolog, MJ no longer has the publishing rights. These were bought back by Paul/George and Ringo a few years ago.


what about the likes of puff daddyand 50.i thought tyey are the richest musicians.


I am musician that has many tracks to record but no money to go to the studio, cant i get just a little help of 1000 dollars from any rich artist?


Where is MICHEAL JACKSON @,he must have had tonnes of cash(R.I.P)


mj is 1 ov the richest in haven now[R.I.P]


It's amazing how KENNY CHESNEY is 6th and he has the lowest ticket prices of them all by far.its not abot how much u can sell a ticket for its how many want and can afford to come see you,(THANKS KENNY YOU ROCK)


compare ticket prices of these artists Kenny Chesney keeps his lower than anybody on the list.Thats what makes him a fans choice and if you don't like country just attend one of his shows and exsperience the party and you'll b hooked


Ever Considered Pink Floyd And The Eagles


MJ & Paul pretty much tops it, justin and all his gay buddies will never be like them, Most of the rap crap is from other sales, not there garbage music. lol


guyz how about weezy( i mean YOUNG MONEY BOSS),50,JAYZ....................


What the hell? U2 is worth way more than all of these. U2 is, by far, the richest band in the world. Just the lead singer alone is worth $900 million.


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