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For Some Reason Russell Crowe and the 'Robin Hood' Cast Cover Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" (Video)


An homage from an actor whose musical work includes titles like "All the White Circles" and "Swallow My Gift" is an unlikely source for final proof of something's worth, but if someone ever disses Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" in your presence just show them this clip and watch them fall silent. There's not really any indication as to why Russell Crowe and his fellow Robin Hood cast members decided to cover Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" during their promotion of the new Ridley Scott film, but remember the saying: don't look a "Swallow My Gift" horse in the mouth. [Music Mix]

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Sean Kingston

Russell Crowe looks like the only one who's really taking his vocals seriously.

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Crowe and the "merry men" just liked the song, and it suited their blended voices. All 4 men enjoy making music for fun and relaxation, as they did during downtime while filming Robin Hood. There's no conspiracy, no big plans for the future.


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