For Purpose Of Reality Show, Vanilla Ice Is A “Real Estate Developer” Now

    You all know Vanilla Ice, so I don’t need to lead with a joke about that movie he made or his dumb haircut, do I? Okay, fine. “Go ninja, go ninja go.” Are you happy?


    But that’s now why we’re here. We’re here because Vanilla Ice is going to be starring in his own reality show on the DIY Network this fall, in which he’ll be showing off his alleged real estate developments. Because apparently Ice bought a bunch of houses once when he got rich, and sold them all and made a bunch of money, which led him to be something of a developer in Florida, where he flips houses for cash.

    “I bought a bunch of houses when I was 16. I bought several houses, not as investments, just to have a few houses around the country — one in L.A, one in New York, I lived in Laurel Canyon [in Los Angeles] for a while, and I had a house in the ski slopes of Utah and another in Miami,” he tells the Real Deal. “Then I realized that that was ridiculous that I could only live in one house. So I sold the houses when I was about 19 or 20. They were just basically collecting cobwebs. So I realized at a young age — I sold them and I made a lot of money, and I profited on all of them.”


    Since then he’s bought, flipped and developed properties in Florida, including, most recently, a development for car enthusiasts called Car Lofts in Delray Beach and a mansion in Wellington.


    Okay fine, reality TV, you win again. It’s probably just like how Steven Seagal was always a cop in New Orleans or how people in New Jersey aren’t 10-foot tall mutants with six eyes. “Reality” is a construct that is created by TV, and all that jazz. [Observer