For An Update On Ricky Gervais’ “Just Sayin'” Contest, Watch This Video From ‘Conan’

    In many ways, Ricky Gervais is an unlikely star. Sure, he’s worked hard his whole life to be a comedian, but at the time it was released, not many people thought that The Office was going to be smash success on the BBC. Most were probably also taken by surprise when it went on to spawn wildly successful versions in different countries around the world. 

    Gervais is probably aware that all someone needs is a break, just as he did when he was given the opportunity to create the role of awkward boss David Brent. Therefore, he’s started a contest to give a lucky aspiring comedian a chance to find their way into show business. 

    His new mobile phone app, Just Sayin’, is designed to allow people to make brief audio or video recordings of themselves, much the same way that Twitter does for text-based messages. These clips can then be shared with friends and followers, so Gervais is enticing people to use the app by having comedy routines recorded with Just Sayin’ become entries into a chance to get a three-minute stand-up spot on Conan. Watch the video below, which both keeps viewers up-to-date on how the contest is going and shows Gervais getting a few over on O’Brien.