For A Mere $2000 Your Crappy Song Can Be In “Rock Band”

    In a sweet move by Harmonix and Electronic Arts, those companies are establishing a method for any band, signed or unsigned, to upload their songs for inclusion in Rock Band. After uploading the song and having it converted into Rock Band format, it would be made available for users to download at price points from 50 cents to three dollars, which the company or individual responsible for the download would receive 30% of the profits from.


    Currently, past-their-radio-relevancy bands like Creed and Evanescence are looking to get on the action, as well as indie label Sub Pop, home to acts like the Shins, Sunny Day Real Estate, and No Age. Apparently the songs can be converted into format for gameplay either by approved third-party companies or someone can be trained in-house to do it. Hopefully the Hold Steady hears about this soon.


    But for those excited about the possibility of getting their 11-minute death metal opus to that girl they had a crush on in high school into Rock Band, it’s important to note that the technology for changing a recording into a Rock Band track cashes in at roughly $500 per minute of song. So, maybe you’ll first have to go with that punk cover of “I Wanna Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer first. [Daily Swarm]