Foo Fighters To Release Documentary At SXSW

    Today director James Moll, best known for his 1998 Oscar-winning Holocaust documentary The Last Days, announced he’ll be getting into the rock-doc game with a career-spanning film about the Foo Fighters. Naturally, the Foo Fighters are a very popular modern rock band who’ve been around for 16 years; I’m surprised there hasn’t been a movie about them already. The film will be premiering at this year’s SXSW and getting a theatrical release some months later – and it reportedly chronicles the Foos up to the sessions for their seventh studio album which they are currently working on. Dave Grohl offered this hilariously PR-tampered statement.

    “In October of 1994, I walked into Robert Lang’s Seattle studio with a guitar, a drum set, a bass and 14 songs I thought nobody would ever hear, five days later, I walked out with the first Foo Fighters record. Sixteen years and seven studio albums later, with the help of Academy Award winning director James Moll, we’re finally able to tell the story of how that one demo cassette turned into the band that we are today. This is our side of the story. From the first rehearsal, to the completion of our new album, it’s all there.”

    Yeah, I’m sure that came right out of his mouth. Look for the documentary sometime in March. [Spin]