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Foo Fighters to play Wembley in the round

With the recent return of Led Zeppelin to the ranks of touring musicians, the reappearance of large scale arena rock couldn't be far behind. Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have recently revealed a plan to play London's Wembley Stadium in the round, on a rotating stage, with "ramps heading in every direction."
This sounds great. While I'm not sold on packing my valise for London just yet, the Foo Fighters have always seemed like a band slightly out of their time. Grohl is a frontman in the tradition of Mick Jagger. Playing a huge rock show like this is just what he needs to finally assert himself as a creative force in his own right. Even though he's produced a series of great albums, he's still married to the legacy of Nirvana. How can he be typecast as a supporting player, however, when a massive crowd has seen him rule Wembley on a rotating stage? I hope there's a DVD.
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im going to this concert and i cant wait to see the layout... its gonna be amazing


dave grhol has indeed ruled over wembley with his band mates. foo figthers cocnert on friday was amazing. no led zepelling for us, but i guess they rock harder the first night. just unbelivable. i came all the way from abrcelona to see them and as dave said it was worth every focqing penny i paid for it

tashi lewis

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