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Foo Fighters slam John McCain for unauthorized use of "My Hero"

The Republican Party has courted plenty of trouble with its appropriation of popular songs during the presidential election campaign. Heart’s Nancy Wilson memorably said she felt “completely fucked over” by Sarah Palin’s use of the band’s “Barracuda,” while Van Halen asked John McCain to stop using their Sammy Hagar-era song “Right Now.”

Now Foo Fighters have stepped into the breach, issuing a statement denouncing McCain’s use of “My Hero” during his campaign. In a preamble to an official statement issued by the band, they talk of McCain using “a number of unauthorized theme songs” during his presidential bid, and mention how no permission was sought from “the band, its management, record label or publisher.”

Here’s the official statement from the band:


"This isn't the first time the McCain campaign has used a song without making any attempt to get approval or permission from the artist. It's frustrating and infuriating that someone who claims to speak for the American people would repeatedly show such little respect for creativity and intellectual property. The saddest thing about this is that 'My Hero' was written as a celebration of the common man and his extraordinary potential. To have it appropriated without our knowledge and used in a manner that perverts the original sentiment of the lyric just tarnishes the song. We hope that the McCain campaign will do the right thing and stop using our song--and start asking artists' permission in general!"

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Foo Fighters



Why has no one sued his campaign for copyright infringement yet? The recording industry claims it's copyright infringement to upload youtube videos of people dancing or whatever with copyrighted music playing in the background. Why is it not infringement to perform the songs in an ad or at a public appearance without prior permission?


Can't the Foo Fighters sue? I wish these bands would sue, and make a bigger stink about this. These republicans are perverse.


who cares


The nerve of this primadonna to complain about a true hero, John McCain using a song called

i love the foo fighters, but i dont think the artist has the right to choose who use's or who play's or likes there song.
Once a song is published and made availble to the public then anyone has the right to re record it or use it. that is'nt saying the artist wont' get there royalty' check from it. I've been in the music business all my life and i dont feel sorry for someone who's crying about having there song exposed to more fans!
so if that crazy ass leader from north korea plays there song are they going to protest that too!


Wow, there should be a basis for a lawsuit in this somewhere. Since McCain is such a "guilt by association" believer, I think it's safe to assume that this isn't just a "hey, thats a cool song" situation. Clearly, he's trying to misrepresent the political views of these artists for his own personal political gain, because most people would assume that a decent person would ask permission before using their work. But this is just another sign...


This is freaking awesome.. i love you Foo Fighters. McCain does so many wrongful things and you can tell by all of his comments in the presidential debate that he really has no idea what he is saying and is just saying things he thinks the American public will like to hear, rather than anything he actually believes, or things he will actually do to fix problems in the nation.

This is a great example of someone who disrespects the rights to another persons work, or art.

It is also funny how so many artists are mad that he is using their work, i wonder if its more because he didnt ask or because they dont support McCain.

Grohl Fan

Silly artists! Don't they realize their so-called "music" couldn't have been produced if not for the fast food jobs we Republicans help maintain across this great nation of ours?

God will show them the error of their ways. In the meantime, it's the duty of every Republican to show these hippies we aren't going to take this lying down!

Elephant Man

You flipping idiot, pieces of crap. How many times each and every day does somebody use the term "my hero" when talking to soemone else. Do you sincerely believe you invented the phrase? Get off your flipping high-horse! Why does this not let me cuss? There is the mother of all cuss words in the actual story.


So, if Obama used this, would they say anything? Doubtful.


The only problem with this is that the location where the event takes place and the song is played is a huge factor. Venues get blanket licenses from ASCAP and BMI and they pay a certain amount of money to be able to play any song from either of their catalogs. While I feel for the artists and understand where they are coming from. If these songs are being played a speech/debate/etc and the venue has the proper license, then there is no obligation on the part of a campaign to ask permission.


mccain is an unequivocal assclown, but foo fighters are pretty lame in their complaint. don't sign up for bmi or ascap if you dont want people to use your songs. not surprising, though, as their music is the sort of watered down garbage that republicans are more inclined to enjoy.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

As musical association has such a powerful influence over the personal experience at public events, I applaud the Foo Fighters and all the other artists which have stood up over unauthorized usage of their songs to promote political views not shared by the original songwriter.

Regardless of how you feel about the man at hand (that one, John McCain), it goes against firmly established copyright laws to use something that is not yours without seeking approval. Very simple.

Why is it ok to prosecute someone for downloading a song (for their own personal enjoyment) and not ok to prosecute someone who takes a song and uses it for their own political gain?

They are doing it to further their cause and try and cinch this election (and as such, make a lot of money). Which they won't. Look at the writing on the (crumbling) wall.
Your Republican days are numbered. Good day and good riddance.


This is IP theft because the GOP is using this song to

Eric Heroux (not hiding behind a handle)

i don't see why they have to be against these politicians using the music. Its just an entrance song, of this is the case, artist like the foo fighters should say who they want to buy their cds. anyone could buy them and listen to the music, that is what music is truly about.

my thought

If I hear him say 'My Friends' one more time in a condescending and disengenuous way I'm going to puke. He is completely out of touch. He's served our country like few have but his time has come and gone to be the President.

Turd Ferguson

Don't think anyone can sue. It's not like artists sue dance clubs that play their music.


I do not care who uses the song, if they use it, without the artists’ permission, then it is against the law.

For the person who states that they worked in the music industry all of their life; try picking up any basic law book. You are way off base. Yes, they own that song and can deny anyone the rights to play it in a public manner without permission.

For cdub55: They are not claiming the right to the phrase "My Hero". Try reading, and basic comprehension, before posting. They are not complaining about the phrase, but the use of their song. The song that they wrote and own.

Try thinking before posting!

Jason, Man I guess that you have not lived very long nor been in the music business very long. There is no right given by the purchase of a song, no matter what it was recorded on, for it to be played in public. That will require a special approvial by someone with the ability to apporve, the band, label or someone.

If by purchasing the song you had the right to do with it as you will then the RIAA would not be so sue happy.


@cdubb55: um, no one is claiming to have invented a phrase. what the foo fighters DID do was spend mucho time and money creating a hit song (and copyrighting it) that McCain used without permission. Go back to grade school.


Try thinking before posting! you are dumb

/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

Mccain is like the Kanye of politics. Shameless self promotion. Think if i started calling myself smarty pants and strapping on a boombox so that "Bootylicious" accompanies me everywhere i go, I'd get a shot at being voted hottest Mensa member?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/pinknoiseflava/brhino1.jpg lala


/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

@Try thinking before posting!

Unfortunately it does not really matter what you think. There is a reason non of these artists have sued, they don't approve of the usage, and they can request that it be stopped, but it is all about ASCAP/BMI and blanket licensing. If the venue (The Performer) is licensed, then they can play any song included in the catalogs.


The fact that the McCain campaign continues to use songs without permission shows its endless sense of entitlement.


who gives a crap! I have now officially heard it all.


actually dance clubs and DJ's have to pay royalties, especially since they make money off the song.
In fact when you play music in a public area, especially in something like a campaign I would think you have to pay royalties or not be able to play the song.
Its a issue of control over the song itself, and if they (the artist) have control over it. they can say who cant use it in a campaign or otherwise.
Its not a political issue, its a copyright issue,
Same thing as the Pirates downloading music and then complaining about drm. when thats the bigger cause in the first place.
even though drm is unfair to customers who pay for their music.
You can Reference McCain's war record and call the artist disrespectful, but as far as I know, its a copyright issue, and even politicians need to follow the law (that goes for both parties, Democrats)


@Chris - but you'd think that such a slick politician like McCain would cover his bases and at least have the decency to ask before hand.

Besides, there are plenty of awesome Christian Metal bands that would pay McCain to play their songs, instead of McCain just assuming that decent artists would be honored to be associated with his assparade. He's missing a revenue opportunity!!


TLDR however, for the person who asked about why they haven't sued:

The only way to sue for monetary damages is if once a cease and desist order has been sent, the party in question would have to continue using the song(s). Since they have stopped, there is nothing else they can really do, if I recall (I am not a lawyer).


The Foo Fighters aboslutly have the right to ask the campaign to stop playing their music... people will think that the Foo Fighters support the campaign if someone hears the song at a debate or whatever and is used to support the candidate and thats just wrong. I don't care about the money issue or licensing or whatever and not many real artists do care about that stuff and I doubt they would care in McCain bought a CD but to play it as part of a Republican or any political party statement is just not cool without asking permission first.


Regardless if there can be anyone sued, it's the principle behind it, I mean it is all about respect, if the Foo FIghters were willing to support McCain then they probably wouldn't have an issue with using their song, but they clearly don't support him, which is why McCain should have asked before using it to see if they would give the blessing and thus giving a little, desperately needed credability, to the "Straight Talk Express", what a joke all they do is talk in circles, never if rarely actually answering the question asked. This whole issue does nothing but throw yet another negative aspect into McCain's campaign, I mean seriously shouldn't he have learned after the first song, much less the third...Get a grip, try maybe having an actual conversation with someone that isn't 90, take a minute to change your diaper and get off the train at the next station because the idiocy overflowing from McCain & Palin will do nothing but further kill our country. Why do you think that all they do is talk in circles, dodging the issues, & attack Obama, it's because they are too ignorant to formulate a plan to actually help this country or properly discuss the issues, so if you are eager to have 4 more years like the past 8yrs, then vote McCain, hop on the Moron Train & enjoy your trip on the Bridge to Nowhere, because thats where they will take our country, NOWHERE except over the edge, or you could use your brains for once and help create the change that we clearly need, it's an easy decision if your shut out the partisan crap and just listen to what the people in the race are actually saying, after that it's simply common sense.

Republicans = Morons

Okay, it seems to me that people are trying to take things way out of context here. First off, the Foo Fighters never said that they invented the phrase "My Hero." All they said was they were angry that the way the song is being used is compleatly against the meaning behind the song. They are also not saying that they dont want their song to be heard by new possible fan, only that they do not want it to be used without permission.

ohhh, and I love to read how "think before posting" is "dumb." seems to me he actually had a point to make other than just posting that the other person is dumb. must be a repulican. and I am sure that God is really going to strike a blow to these people in the afterlife for not wanting McCain to play their song.




First of all let me start with saying I hate John McCain, however it is common knowledge that campaigns buy an ASCAP licence to be able to use songs on the campaign trail.
While I agree that by using certain songs by influential artists it represents that the artist supports that candidate, and that is pretty LAME, however the fact of the matter is they paid to have the right to use it so there is nothing you can do.
If the artist such as the Foo Fighters wish to stand up and claim there disapproval of that candidate, well then I agree that they have every right to do so and should. There fans deserve to know where the artists really stand, weather it is in approval or disapproval.


Mccain is going to die from old age soon anyways!


Just wanted to clear this up since you all seem to have forgotten. YOU ARE ATTACKING THE MORALS OF POLITICIANS. Didn't we ALL already know that politicians have no morals? This article and comment section is the assparade. Did you silly people seriously expect them to have decency?

Remember... Politicians = Bad. Call your parents and tell them you love them. They are the only ones with your best interests in mind.


The fact is the Foo Fighters do not want any association with the outdated, outmoded, sleazy, corrupt, ruthless and pitiful Neo-Con party and for very very good reasons.
McSame and Eskimo Barbie would be better served playing polka from the Lawrence Welk show as most of their party members are over the age of 55.
This country will be better served when we finally see an end to the most corrupt and vile party since the Nazis. I pray there only a foot note like the Whigs by the time my children vote.
There are NO republicans in the GOP party except for the good Dr. Paul.



I can see that a lot of people don't get it.... The point that a band is trying to make,is that they don't want their song used politically. When say, McCain plays a Foo Fighters song,the campaign is in essence,trying to gain a voter,by trying to associate your taste in music with them. It's a basic persuasion tactic. Which is okay if it fits into the writers' beliefs. I feel that the songwriter should speak up when someone is trying to convert one of their listeners to the Dark Side... um, I mean alternate point of view.

Tom E

Mccain/Palin = disgrace


Yeah and people will stop downloading music for free.. lol sunshine and kitten land must be awesome huh!


The Foo Fighters are idiots. All these bands sold out their rights to the music long ago. They get paid for everytime anybody plays the music in public. They already gave their permission to the Mccain campain, or anybody else who pays the licensing fees, to use their music. By the way If you hear a song at a campain event and assume that the band supports that person then you are an idiot.


The McCain campaign taints the music that the Foo Fighters intended it to represent & that's the whole point here.


IMHO... STFU and stop whining. It's a damn non-profit campaign ad for Christ's sake. I can't believe how many people whine about the stupidest crap these days.


Maybe the obama crowed should use the pretender that is what HE IS!!!


Hero? %uck the old piece o dirt and that c u nt from the north
you represent all that is vile and lame in america


Maybe the McCain Bitch should use a dildo because thats how much of pussy he is D:


For the uninformed, some artists have indeed filed lawsuit against McCain for illegally using their music w/o permission. Read:


They're upset because the use of the song represents their endorsement in a unconcious kind of way. And they obviously do not endorse John McCain. SO they aren't complaining over money or anything (which is why they aren't suing) they are making the point that they do not endorse him, and raising a fuss makes it known to the public. If John McCain needs songs for his campaign, he should take them from artists who have endorsed say Daddy Yankee? i'm sure there are plenty of Pro American Songs from Him. :)


The reason that the Foo Fighters are pissed is not that their song was used without their permission, but that it was used in a political context, and could give their fans the wrong impression.


Sue Mccain and drop him from the race PLEASE

SOMEONE got to stop palin from even getting a smallest chance of becoming a president!


McCain is SATAN


if they don't support McCain, he shouldn't be using their song, end of the story. and McCain is no hero I assure you, while detained he gave out classified information to save himself. the only reason he was able to get anywhere in the military was because of his father. hmmm... sounds like Bush doesn't it. no one in the republican party gets anywhere on their own merit anymore, they just use association to get to the top.


Wow! some ppl posting really need to take a step back and see the side your showing to the world. Its not pretty.
sure believe in your country, your party whatever, but leave the hate out of it.

Stan from Australia

Musicians need to SHUT UP and PLAY! JUST SHUT UP AND ENTERTAIN! Be thankful you have a fan base regardless of who and what their beliefs are because if they knew what you (the musicians) believed in they wouldn't buy your music or watch your movies either.



I wish people would learn how to use the word 'there' so they don't sound like illiterate dumbasses: there = over there they're = they are their = their song.
Someone should sue the campaign for copyright infringement. The RIAA can sue a 13 year old for downloading a song, then McCain can be sued for using it commercially to promote his lame campaign.


Palin has a retard son named after math he will never be able to do "Trig"... This Cbag is pushing abstinence only education when it obviously worked for her family and her pregnant daughter!

To the Dbag that said "IMHO... STFU and stop whining. It's a damn non-profit campaign ad for Christ's sake. I can't believe how many people whine about the stupidest crap these days."

Just because I'm building a school for my non-for-profit church doesn't mean I can steal the lumber from home-depot now does it? You Fn half wit.

I Fn hate democrats... but I really Fn hate these retarded zealot republicans following these neo-cons... go use all 3 of your braincells, buy yourself a gun, and shoot yourself in the face. Do it in honor of Dick Cheney!


"Palin has a retard son named after math he will never be able to do "Trig""

Very classy dude. Someone like you is in no position to call out the character of others.

On a relevant note, You know what right the Foo Fighters have the biggest right to? Music...they might want to focus more on making actual good music. It's understandable for them to send a little note of copyright awareness while at the same time it would be even more understandable for the McCain camp to consider using a decent song if they're going to steal one. I understand it's not "cool" to support a Rebublican but I doubt too many people heard that song and thought, "Oh The Foo Fighters must be huge McCain fans(but hey Bill Clinton is, not too bad company huh...huh?)." Sadly, most people of either party who heard it either didn't recognize the song or forgot who sang it anyway.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/dukkookim/6460_1130716601218_1626340558_309884_1280450_njpg.jpg dukkookim

Also, who's the allstar who inferred that anyone who is a Democrat is a hippie? Because if I didn't know better, I'd think it was Cartman.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/dukkookim/6460_1130716601218_1626340558_309884_1280450_njpg.jpg dukkookim

no they can't sue it's fair use
so all they can do is complain


FU.CK YEA!!!!!!


This is NOT about the Foo Fighters for being upset that the song is being taken out of context it's really about the fact they're afraid to be associated to McCain and the Republican party and that MAY have an impact on their fan base leaving them and stop buying their music.

If the political climate was different or it was used by the opposing party this wouldn't even be an issue for the FOO FIGHTERS, VAN HALEN AND HEART.

Bah..Bah.. You're all sheep.


My respect for Dave and the boys just got higher. I cant believe that McCain would use that song! They should Dave and Pat to washington and say something about it.


I can see the arguement for both sides. Look McCain paid for the song (let's say I don't know for sure) so I would think he has the right to play the song but if he used it in an ad or for promotional use that's a little bit shady but in a commercial it would be grounds for suing. But on the flip side he did purchase to song for his use whether that be for personal or professional use. I understand the he being a POW has merit in highest respect but to ignore the law which I think he has respect and therefore must adhere to means that his campaign advisors should know better but maybe this is the first time where it has become an issue. I am still trying to decide who to pick but I must admit to leaning more to obama


The right wing posts here are hilarious. You should go apply for disability. You try and tie Obama to a political terrorist because he sat in the same room with him on a group that was put together by a top Reagan official and you refuse to make that similar connection. Then when a band stands up and says


CDs and music are not bought, they are licensed... or so says the RIAA... rethink your posts.

If you watch a DVD, that warning screen should say 'not licensed for public use,' etc. Same thing applies to CDs


McCain is a true American hero. The Foo Fighters should feel honored he chose their song.


This is being reported in the usual liberal slanted fashion. There is no mention in the article of the McCain campaign purchase of the use license required. That would call for


McCAin have the eyes of little puppy but the sould of the devil.


I find it totally repulsive that you would complain about a man like John McCain using your song. He is the ULTIMATE American Hero. As a prisoner of war, he did things for America and his fellow soldiers that you would never consider. Stop complaining, apologize to the man, and be HONORED that he would use your song. He's more man than any of you will EVER be.


Well, these days it's pretty hard to find someone with any kind of talent that supports McCain so if he wants to play music he's going to have to do it without asking. It's perfectly understandable.


I love the Foo Fighters. I have the CD that "Hero" is on. I do know that this song was writen for his friend, Kurt Cobain. However, the RNC paid to use these songs. I don't even think that they should have had to do that. Sorry Foo Fighters, but you are wrong in this. If you songwriters, musician keep up this bullcrap, me and mine will stop buying your goods. You'll be singing in dark dingy bars in no time.


Damn... I didnt realize the true power of

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

McCain is an old PoS that does not know squat about anything.
He is an old fool and fool are those who believe and support him.
His campaign is laughable and so is his tactics, american hero my a5s... The septic tank cleaner is more of a hero than this old fart

lol 4 american hero

This is being reported in the usual liberal slanted fashion. There is no mention in the article of the McCain campaign purchase of the use license required. That would call for "objectivity". The liberal media has lost that aspect of reporting.

Purchase of a use license from ASCAP BMI and SESAC grants immediate and unlimited access to their vast repertory, including music used in broadcast commercials and jingles.
So, if the Foo Fighters' political based complaint about McCain's use of their song is so important to them then they can remedy that by making all of their songs unavailable for use by ANYONE.

If I were the McCain campaign I would announce that the Foo Fighters politically objected to the use of 'My Hero', pull it from use and go on. McCain backers will form their opinions about the Foo Fighters from this development, but the Foo Fighters and the Media have already caused that to happen.


I believe the Foo Fighters have the upper hand in the end - they'll get royalties for the use which they can send to Obama as a campaign contribution.

They can grumble all they want, and it'll get media attention which will be negative for MaCain without being attributable to Obama. Obama wins and the Foo Fighters come out of relative obscurity on account of making rather crap music for a while - win-win!


Congratulations for your site not exploding under the strain of a 4k digg boost. That is quite impressive.


^ my favorite comment =)

/site_media/uploads/images/users/pill/mm_broccolijpg.JPG pill

"Appropriation" is not the right word for the perfectly legal use of songs one has paid for the right to use. If the musicians don't like it, they should probably not belong to a blanket licensing group. As long as they do, the American Nazi Party could use their songs over and over again, and as long as it paid a nominal fee to ASCAP or whomever, the musicians wouldn't have a damn thing to say about it.


There is a bit of McCain bashing going on here. But, if any of you belive Obama is any better or different then you are the fools.

For Terd and the rest

If GOP = Nazi party
Then Democrat = Communist party

For Bill

I think the Foo Fighters are making a big stink about it for reasons of publicity. They should be happy that it's being promoted. I could understand if it was being used by the KKK but to compare McCain to the KKK is like comparing Obama to Martin Luther King Jr. Neither, one works logically.


Of course the Foo Fighters can sue, but unfortunately they'd get their asses handed back to them by the law. The McCain campaign has legitimately obtained the rights to play "My Hero" through the recording studio the Foo Fighters used. Nothing the McCain campaign has done is illegal. Too bad for you Foo Fighters...maybe next time you should add in that you control who can play your songs when you sign the contract.

Good Looking

Wow. You people are so retarded. There is no precedence for the Foo Fighters to sue. The Republican Party has every right to play copyrighted material. The only people they need permission from is the recording studio. As soon as the music they make gets recorded, the only rights the Foo Fighters have is to the royalties.


I know its been a while since this happened. However I want to state a couple of points.
First; I'm neither a Republican or Democrat. I'm not even American, I'm Scottish.
Second; I want to point out to

Gem =]

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