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Foo Fighters Reunite, Krist Novoselic Joins the Band

In what will be the closest thing to a Nirvana reunion since 1994, Krist Novoselic will join his old bandmate Dave Grohl in the Foo Fighters as bassist. If that's not enough, the Foo Fighters' next album is being helmed by Nevermind producer and ex-Garbage drummer, Butch Vig.


The Foo Fighters album, their first since 2007's Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace is due out next year. Coincidentally, 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, a fact that is surely not lost on Grohl and Novoselic.


Of course, with Novoselic playing bass now, what happens to Nate Mendel, the band's current and original bassist? Currently, there's no word that Mendel is officially out of the band, and he's been busy over the last year playing with his old band, Sunny Day Real Estate. However, not everyone is obsessed with the fate of 90s emo-rock legends, and for those who don't care and just want to hear more about the new record, Grohl says, "Foo Fighter fans are going to freak out because, honestly, it's awesome." [Billboard]


Update: Novoselic will be only "guesting" on bass for the new album. There is no word yet as to how many tracks he will be on. Mendel will continue with the Foos.



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Foo Fighters
Sunny Day Real Estate

We didnt have "Emo-rock" in the early 90's it was called grunge and it did not involve womans clothes and homosexuals.


Jacob, emo as a term has existed since the mid-80s. What it means has shifted over time, but if you were really there in '94, you'd know that SDRE was called emo back then. And while they were great (for at least one stone-cold classic album, anyway), they did influence a lot of sh*t bands we call emo today.

Leaman, this isn't accurate. Krist = guesting on 1 or 2 songs playing accordion on new foo record, maybe bass too. Nate = in band. "Journalism" = took a step backwards


Actually, you moron, he was talking about Mendel, who was in SDRE, which is considered one of the "first" emo bands. Why do people post about things they obviously know nothing about?

The Part of Jacob's Brain That Works

Did you just classify Nirvana as "emo-rock"?


You seriously did NOT just call Nirvana emo-rock.

C. Richard

Krist only plays bass on one song on the new album. Nate is certainly still in the band.


Emo was in reference to SDRE, an awesome emo band before the term was tainted by doo doo bands.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

If you guys are into music then you know that labels change definition and bands change labels to fit current fads and market trends. There is no real definition for any of it. Nirvana was as emo as the were post punk as ther were grunge. Weezer was grungeb, then garage then emo and then power pop and then just pop. It only depends on who's talking and what person their trying to talk down to.


at first i thought you called nirvana emo rock, than i re read it and figured you meant SDRE -- ya. fair enough.

curiosity asks though, was cobain over rated? lets see if this album shows us the required contrast for that answer.


jacob, oh really? no womans clothes? do a little search for "kurt cobain dress" in google pics and you might rethink your statement...grunges own ambassador loved to dress in womens clothes...


i never comment on articles but this is just an absurd title and article, completely misleading...


But surely the important point is: WHAT WILL THIS DO TO THE THE BEARD : CLEAN SHAVEN RATIO?


I must agree with "me" (below) - what an fing stupid article to have written. This entire article should be rewritten in regards to the "update" mentioned at bottom. Irresponsible media!!!

me 2

lol Jacob, you do remember that Nirvana has performed in womens clothing pretty often, right? It's in the freaking In Bloom video.


Music sucks


YES! Music does suck.


Not in all my life when i was rocking out to nirvana in HS did anyone refer to them as emo. not ever. no one. I dont care what Kurt wore no one ever referred to Nirvana as Emo.


Quit sweating genres and category 'labels'. They are just made up by record labels to try to define the undefinable. They want to group bands together so they can sell you other bands that 'sound like' the bands you like.

If the music is good and you like it, it's good and you like it.

Nothing. Else. Matters.


Hipster arguments are funny..


Foo fighters is INCREDIBLY emo. They dress very gay...look at pics of them....and grohl lvoes to cry about whiney "emo" fighters is a better name for those losers


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