Foo Fighters Join Strange Bill For Rock The Vote Fund Raiser

    The Foo Figthers are far from being an overtly political band, but Dave Grohl has voiced his support for a few candidates and issues over the years, particularly John Kerry, whom he supported with fundraisers after taking umbrage at George Bush’s use of “Times Like These” in his campaign. Grohl is supporting Obama in this year’s election and has already headlined an Obama fundraiser this year. Really though, what Foo Fighters is about is rocking, even when it comes to votes. Dave and company must be committed too, because the band has apparently signed on to play a benefit for Rock the Vote and share the bill with Asher Roth, Jack Johnson, and Motion City Soundtrack on Sept. 5 in Charlotte. It’s not like he’s Nathan Hale or something, but it’s a far, far better thing that Grohl has done for the people of Charlotte, who previously would have had to deal with Jack Johnson as a headliner. [Spin]