Foals release new demos

    Brit rockers Foals may have expressed some disappointment at the outcome of their debut album, but they’re wasting no time in prepping its follow-up. Singer Yannis Philippakis has posted some demos of new Foals songs on the band’s MySpace page, while also declaring that an impending ice age is upon us. And judging from the densely recorded new song “A Future Dub,” the wintry feeling is set to prevail throughout the band’s new record.

    Two versions of “A Future Dub” are available to download alongside a short song named “XCFAWA.” All three tracks are mostly instrumental at present and show the band heading even further in a post-rock direction. Philippakis says his brother inflicted some Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Dr. Dre records on him over the holidays, although their influence isn’t yet clear on these recordings. The singer promises more outtakes and demos from the sessions in the forthcoming weeks, so keep an eye on their MySpace page here.