Flying Lotus: “People Assume I Do A Lot Of Drugs”

    On October 2, Flying Lotus will release his highly-anticipated Until The Quiet Comes, but when it comes to talking about music, FlyLo is anything but quiet. Noisey sat down with the gregarious Steven Ellison to chat about a little bit of everything. He laughs at how hard it is to explain to people what his music sounds like (“It has jazz, but not Kenny G jazz”) and the fact that most assume he does a lot of drugs because of his schizophrenic sound (apparently, he’s only a recreational weed smoker).

    But Ellison also has some strong opinions on doing commercial work, which he is definitely in favor of. He says that if Drake came calling, he’d be able to give him some beats, and he’s not against doing something like that. Ellison also makes one of the more rational arguments about how dubstep has evolved and why it’s a good thing. Watch the video below.