Flying Lotus On Working With Odd Future, Thom Yorke & Possibly The Weeknd

    The next full-length from Flying Lotus, Until the Quiet Comes, is on the horizon for an October 2 release. Until that drops, though, FlyLo is staying busy: “I’m kind of producing the new Thundercat stuff, kind of producing stuff for Shabazz Palaces and Azizi Gibson,” the latter of whom Lotus signed to his Brainfeeder label in March.

    Recently speaking with Complex about a slew of topics–among them his past and potentially future collaborative work–Flying Lotus broke down what else he’s been up to musically.

    On working with other members of Odd Future following “Between Friends” with Earl Sweatshirt:

    I’m talking with a few other dudes like Domo [Genesis] and I really want to do a track with Tyler. He’s a tricky one, man, ’cause he has his hands in a lot of jars and he’s very particular about who he works with and when he works with people. We’ve been pals for quite some time. He knows I’m here. He knows I’m around.

    On possibly working with the Weeknd:

    Yeah, me and the Weeknd have talked a bunch about things. There are some potential ideas he had and I’m all game for it. It might be too soon to say exactly what, but I’d say we will connect on some things.

    On working with Thom Yorke again:

    We have pretty good communication and we talk on e-mail often. But I figured he wouldn’t be super enthusiastic about collaborating again because has so much going on and there are a million other people he could be working with. I felt very honored he wanted to work together again and it was very nice to have him back.

    On the potential for a joint album with Erykah Badu:

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen anymore because she’s so busy, but hopefully we can connect because I’m game for it. To be honest, the only thing that came out of it was the track on my album. We have drafts and sketches of things but I really don’t think I can produce and direct an entire album unless we have time to be in the same space for a little while.