Flying Lotus Is Surprised That Thom York Is On His Album

    With his album slated to drop on October 2, L.A. producer Flying Lotus has a busy few months ahead of him. As has been noted before, there’s a bunch of guest appearances on the record, but Lotus is surprised by the inclusion of one Thom Yorke, especially since the Radiohead singer already appeared on his last album, Cosmogramma.

    “I didn’t even expect him to do something on this album. I thought he was done with me,” he told SPIN. “Now we know each other, I’ll send Thom a bunch of music randomly, my stuff and a bunch of other stuff. He reacted to this one track and asked: ‘What was up with that track? I think I got something for that.’ Thom’s just a head. He tries to stay up on what’s happening.”

    Let the excitement begin for FlyLo’s record as October isn’t as far away as it may seem.