Flying Lotus Channels Queen In Trippy New Song “Night Grows Pale”

    He turns "White Queen (As It Began)" into a banger

    Los Angeles producer Flying Lotus has shared a new song entitled “Night Grows Pale.” It prominently features a sample of Queen’s “White Queen (As It Began).”

    A pitched-down Freddie Mercury opens the song, singing, “White queen walks and
    the night grows pale.” A bass-heavy, boom bap-style beat takes hold of the psychedelic instrumental. Staccato hi-hats pulse against bone-cracking snares and jazzy bass guitar notes. Like most of FlyLos’s catalog, the music is hallucinatory and beat-forward — brightened by lush, ethereal samples that sound like they’re from another dimension.

    FlyLo has been a huge fan of Queen for many years. In his cover story with The Fader, it was revealed that he has a portrait of Freddie Mercury in his bedroom. When asked about the portrait, he replied, “That is my hero.” Additionally, in a 2013 Twitter Q+A, he was asked who his favorite artist was, replying with none other than the Queen frontman.

    Ever since his progressive 2014 album You’re Dead! was released, the producer has been exploring new creative endeavors. He released his first-ever film, Kuso, this year, starring Hannibal Buress, George Clinton, and David Firth. It was premiered at Sundance Film Festival; however, the film was so grotesque that several audience members walked out of the movie. The Verge called it “the grossest movie ever made.”

    But filmmaking isn’t all FlyLo has been up to — earlier this week, he remixed the Twin Peaks theme song. His version features a downtempo electronic drum beat, jazzy keyboards, and choir-like synths. He also contributed to Thundercat’s recent album, Drunk. The two artists have a long history of making music together.

    It’s not clear whether “Night Grows Pale” is going to be a part of a larger body of work that FlyLo intends to release. But with all the noise he’s been making lately, we can only hope that a new album is sitting on his hard drive somewhere.