Fleetwood Mac Reunite With Christine McVie (Video)

    For the first time in fifteen years, Christine McVie reunited with Fleetwood Mac onstage last night at the O2 Arena in London. McVie was an intricate piece of the band for 30 years, critical to the success of Rumours, writing classics like “Don’t Stop” and “You Making Loving Fun.”

    In 1998, McVie retired from the group after their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Stevie Nicks has been quoted as saying that there was “no more chance of [a McVie reunion] happening than an asteroid hitting the earth.”

    I suppose the asteroid is on its way? Until then, enjoy the golden-lineup of Fleetwood Mac performing “Don’t Stop” in their full glory below while you still can.

    [via CoS]