Fleet Foxes will never sign to a major label

    After placing towards the top of virtually every critic’s "Best of 08" list, and playing Saturday Night Live, some of you all have maybe had some worries that your favorite pastoral troubadours would "sell out" and "go mainstream," like doing duets with Lady Gaga, or something of that order.


    Well, Fleet Foxes themselves are here to allay your fears. After going to a Dept. of Eagles show and hearing rumors about the band signing to Virgin Records, singer Robin Pecknold took to the band’s Myspace blog to state the following: "Fleet Foxes will never, ever, under no circumstances, from now until the world chokes on gas fumes, sign to a major label. This includes all subsidiaries or permutations thereunder. Till we die."


    And that settles that. Also, if you’re that kind of fan, Pecknold also announced that he has cut off his hair.