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Fleet Foxes And Grizzly Bear Probably Ripped Off For New Commercials


Just a few weeks ago, Sigur Ros blogged about how they always turn down ad placement opportunities, and then see their songs get hijacked anyway, as the ad agency hires someone to rip them off. Today, via Pitchfork, comes word that that same thing has probably happened to two indie tentpoles: Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. In the case of Fleet Foxes, it's not even debatable: the band's "White Winter Hymnal" definitely got ripped off for the above ad. As far as Grizzly Bear getting ripped off, it was by Troy University, and its new ad about how great the school is. Apparently the university has been shamed enough for the ad already; the video has since been taken down. But it too bared more than a passing resemblance to "Two Weeks." I guess the big question is how did indie rock bands find out they were getting ripped off before the Internet? Because seriously, none of this would have been obvious or discovered pre-Internet. [P4K]   


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Fleet Foxes
Grizzly Bear

PrefixMag team,

Thank you for supporting independent artists.

My name is Chris Ciardi and I represent Seventh Point Advertising, the advertising agency for Troy University. Your article came to my attention today that points out the similarities between the music track that we developed for Troy’s “Best University” campaign and the song “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear. First let me assure to everyone that we have reviewed the two tracks and agree that there are similarities. The music utilized for this campaign was custom composed by a local independent musician and there was no intention by Seventh Point, Troy University or our composers to copy the Grizzly Bear track. As a result, we are immediately ceasing all usage of this track and we appreciate your community bringing this to our attention.

Seventh Point fully supports local musicians and works with the local arts community for much of our creative work. We intended no harm or confusion to the independent music community and are working immediately to correct this issue. We appreciate your attention to this issue and we appreciate your continued support of musician’s rights.

Chris Ciardi
Seventh Point Advertising


Don't you mean they ripped off the Beach Boys??


This is standard procedure for most ad agencies. Find something else that's successful, tweak it, and repackage it, sell it and then jerk off into a mirror thinking about just how creative you are.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

Grizzly Bear has nothing to complain about when they're doing commercials for Volkswagon and putting their music on soundtracks to movies like Twilight. That's what happens to bands who become popular and mainstream, people emulate your sound.

Now blatant copying is just wrong, but they can't be too upset when they're willingly putting themselves out there like that.


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