Fleet Foxes And Grizzly Bear Probably Ripped Off For New Commercials


    Just a few weeks ago, Sigur Ros blogged about how they always turn down ad placement opportunities, and then see their songs get hijacked anyway, as the ad agency hires someone to rip them off. Today, via Pitchfork, comes word that that same thing has probably happened to two indie tentpoles: Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. In the case of Fleet Foxes, it’s not even debatable: the band’s “White Winter Hymnal” definitely got ripped off for the above ad. As far as Grizzly Bear getting ripped off, it was by Troy University, and its new ad about how great the school is. Apparently the university has been shamed enough for the ad already; the video has since been taken down. But it too bared more than a passing resemblance to “Two Weeks.” I guess the big question is how did indie rock bands find out they were getting ripped off before the Internet? Because seriously, none of this would have been obvious or discovered pre-Internet. [P4K]