Flavor Flav Says His Daughter Didn’t Kick His Ass

    Aside from waning entrepreneurial trials in the food industry and liquor market, Flavor Flav hasn’t accomplished much in his post-VH1 reality show personal “showcase” era, though an interesting snippet popped up shortly ago after reports claimed his daughter Dazayna Drayton gifted him a solid haymaker during a family argument.

    TMZ dropped news on the alleged incident Sunday (Jan. 29), and managed to snag some chat time with Flav to find out if the always infamous reports from those lowly “close sources” were true. Here’s what Flav had to say:

    “The whole thing was a big misunderstanding that shouldn’t have happened. No one in my family called the cops on my daughter and she did not beat me up. I love my daughter and will never let anything happen that could come between us.”

    I don’t think there’s anyone out there that would admit to international media that their daughter landed a few blows on them, though it’s hard to imagine anyone with a decent moral compass having the heart to punch the withering Flav. Take it as you will, because there probably won’t be much word on it from here on out… unless someone reports that he was “supposedly” punched again…