Flava Flav Was Arrested In Las Vegas

    Recently Chuck D and Common came to my college (shout out to any Longhorns) to talk about the struggle and evolution of Hip-Hop culture. It was eloquent, thought-provoking, and genuinely interesting. Meanwhile Flavor Flav has starred in three seasons of his own VH1 Reality Show, started (and folded) his own fried chicken company, and now has just been released from a jail somewhere in Las Vegas following a traffic stop.


    It’s actually not what you think, apparently Flav has like, four warrants out for him for car-related incidents, dude apparently never bothered showing up to court.


    How do the two primary components of arguably the most influential rap group of all time shoot off in completely different directions? It makes my head hurt, but at least we have a new mug shot to laugh at. [TMZ]