Flava Flav claims to have lost his virginity at 6

    Someone call the Guiness Book of World Records; we may have a new champion of youngest to lose their virginity. In a ridiculous interview that includes eating boogers on hamburgers and dog shit on Ritz crackers, Flava Flav, the loudmouth of Public Enemy and subsequent VH1 reality TV star, admitted he lost his virginity "in the bushes on a box." The kicker? This happened years before he even had a trace of pubic hair:

    Flavor Flav: Nah, I’m a tell you the truth; I lost my virginity when I was 6 years old.


    Complex: Really?

    Flavor Flav: Yea, man. Because you know we learned to have done the nasty back in the days, and me and this girl we experiment, we were experimenting, and my little joint got hard, I penetrated for about a few seconds.

    There’s not much you can do at a statement like that except tip your cap. Though to use Flava’s previous, slightly saner self, I must warn you: don’t believe the hype (at face value at least). Still, shit went down in pre-hipster Brooklyn, man.


    [Hip Hop DX]