Flaming Lips To Release Six Hour Song Inside Of “The Strobo Trip”

    So we already know that the Flaming Lips have released a song that, at six hours, dwarfs the entire output of some less ambitious/insane bands (i.e. every band). But if you thought Wayne Coyne and co. were just going to make a 360 minute song (called “Found a Star on the Ground”) and release it on something as square as a digipak, then obviously you don’t own the EP that came in the form of an edible fetus earlier this year. This time around, the fearless freaks will be releasing their opus inside of something called “The Strobo Trip,” which the band is calling a “Light and Audio Phase Illusions Toy.” Coyne, either parodying or staying completely true to himself, has the following to say about it: “The Strobo Trip by itself is fascinating. I wouldn’t be a surprised to hear about some people taking LSD or something, while listening to “Found A Star On The Ground,” and playing with THE STROBO TRIP for hours and hours. We hope you’ll enjoy them anyway you like.” Proceeds will be going to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and The Academy of Contemporary Music at Central Oklahoma, so keep that in mind while you’re bottoming out on acid during the song’s fourth hour.