Flaming Lips Songs Set to Appear in Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

    The well-documented dispute between Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne and the Arcade Fire generated acres of column inches earlier this year. Win Butler’s band subsequently provided the music for the first trailer for Spike Jonze’s upcoming adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, and now Coyne’s band are set to follow suit.


    The revelation came during an in interview for Pedestrian TV, when Coyne’s manager approached the singer and said something like: “Hey Wayne, the guys making Where the Wild Things Are want to use a Flaming Lips song for their next trailer, they want to use either “Do You Realize” or The Yeah Yeah Yeah song.” 


    Coyne said he preferred “Do You Realize,” but has really left the decision up to the filmmakers by saying: “They could be asking for a thousand songs and they’ll try it out on an audience and see which one works.” The latest trailer for Where the Wild Things Are can be viewed below. [TwentyFourBit]