Flaming Lips Rewrite ‘Race For The Prize’ For The OKC Thunder

    Part of what makes the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder so lovable — other than their electric offense, stunning maturity despite their youth, and the fact that Russell Westbrook apparently considers Sally Jessy Raphael a style icon — is their small-town appeal. They don’t have a Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee; Bill Hader might be the biggest celebrity at their games. So the fact that local heroes The Flaming Lips rewrote their Soft Bulletin single “Race For The Prize” for their hometown’s only professional sports team carries with it a fair amount of David-vs.-Goliath appeal. And while San Antonio isn’t exactly Los Angeles, the Thunder will need to take what they can get against the winningest American sports franchise of the last two decades. Check out The Flaming Lips’ tribute below.