Flaming Lips Recording With Ke$ha (Videos)

    The Flaming Lips like to sing, talk, and make music about/relating to the act of taking drugs. Ke$ha’s music, on the other hand, is probably only enjoyable under the heavy, heavy influence of narcotics. So I guess it makes sense that the psych-rockers and the trashy pop singer have joined forces, right?

    As Spin points out, the Flaming Lips and Ke$ha have been sharing videos/tweeting at each other about their recent time in the studio, which is apparently going to result in some kind of joint project. Coyne was especially excited about Ke$ha’s vocals, which he noted in the following tweet: “She’s crazy.. But shit!!!!she can really fuckin SING!!!” 

    Hmm, judge for yourself by watching the shared studio footage below. I’m warning you, though, the second video is the worst. [Idolator]