Fischerspooner to Self-Release Third Album Entertainment

    In the early aughts, Fischerspooner were everywhere, and they were widely seen as the ubiquitous poster children of the omnipresent electroclash genre. Their 2001 single Emerge became less a song than a sort of ever present background noise; you might only occasionally stop and notice it playing as you shopped in your local women’s boutique clothing store or sipped an overpriced cocktail. The inevitable backlash, predictably, came swiftly after and, by 2003, both the band and the genre had suffered for it.


     Fast forward six years to here and now and Fischerspooner are far from the hubbub and drama that marked earlier days. They’ve parted with all the labels that followed in the midst of the gold rush, and are releasing their third and upcoming album, Entertainment, on their own label, FS Studio. Consider that the band formed in 1998 and what’s illuminated is, despite the seeming flash-in-the-panness of it all, they’ve actually worked slowly and surely before and after the big flare. In an interview with Pitchfork, Warren Fisher discussed how he and bandmate/performance art partner Casey Spooner ended up so misunderstood:  “I don’t really know what genre it would lie in. But we were adopted by [the dance] community, for sure. The styles do change seasonally, practically. The musical agenda in the Fischerspooner project is to make songs and to try to learn how to do that, and to see what that is all about. And songs are deceptively difficult to cobble together, I learned doing this project. So I feel more tied to how the quality of the song than really the dance music sub-genres that are constantly shifting.” To read the interview and stream a single (The Best Revenge) from the new album, visit Pitchfork.