First Track From New Bob Dylan CD Can Be Downloaded March 30-31

    "Beyond Here Lies Nothin’" is the name of the first track available for download from Bob Dylan’s upcoming CD  Together Through Life. Click here and go to his Web site’s main page and you can get it March 30-31 only.


    Together Through Life  will drop April 28 on Columbia Records. It is — if you can believe it — Dylan’s 46th release. It’s also the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to his mega-selling 2006 Modern Times CD and its relatively fast release had Dylanheads shaking their heads in disbelief (as Entertainment Weekly recently reported ).


    What does it sounds like? Kinda like a funky, sexy minor key New Orleans blues with an old-fashioned baiion rhythm. That’s the very cool syncopated beat they used to use in a lot of pre-Beatles ’60s hits like Robin Luke’s "Susie Darlin’" and Toni Fischer’s "The Big Hurt" (look ’em up on YouTube if you care). But anyway, you’ve downloaded that Dylan track  by now, haven’t you?