Fiona Apple Arrested For Possession Of Hash In Texas

    Currently on her first extensive tour in six years, Fiona Apple has reminded fans why they enjoyed her music so much in the first place. However, her schedule may have hit a snag after she was arrested in Texas yesterday for possession of hash.

    According to TMZ, the 35-year-old singer was arrested at a border stop in Texas yesterday after authorities claim they found hashish on her bus, noticing the strong smell when they pulled over the bus for inspection.

    The arrest may be surprising because of the suspect, but the town where this took place has become an infamous locale for musicians. Authorities in Sierra Blanca have arrested musicians like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer in the past, so their strict anti-drug policies shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Apple is being held at Hudspeth County Jail.

    Update: According to the police Apple “freely admitted” to possessing the marijuana and hash. She posted $10,000 bail earlier today and was freed. [TMZ]