Find Out Why ‘Frankenweenie’ Is So Important To Tim Burton

    Anyone who had a pet as a child knows the special bond that kids and animals share. Many people grow up with a cat or a dog as their best friend, and those who didn’t have the same experience might not understand the relationship. 

    That’s what Tim Burton is trying to convey with his latest movie, Frankenweenie. It’s based off a live-action short film he made in 1984. That picture had the same name but didn’t explore the bond between a boy and his dog nearly as much as the upcoming animated feature will. Speaking to Film School Rejects, Burton had this to say: 

    Well, yeah. I mean the original short was based on a relationship, that first special relationship you have is usually with a pet. An unconditional sort of thing. And loving monster movies and Frankenstein, it just seemed like those two stories connected for me.

    If that seems like an unlikey combination of sentiments, you don’t know how fiercely children love their pets. Check out this story of a young boy who manages to bring his pet back to life — to interesting results — on Oct. 5.