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Fiery Furnaces announce live album, tour dates

It’s rare that a live album manages to capture the imagination in the same way that a studio recording does. For every Live at Leeds and Frampton Comes Alive! there’s a Garth Brooks’ Double Live (which is, quite inexplicably, the best selling live album of all time according to Wikipedia).

But the forthcoming live record from brother-sister duo Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger should make a welcome addition to their canon. The Fiery Furnaces’ live shows often find the siblings performing new takes on old favorites, turning batches of recent songs into lengthy medleys, and inviting guests such as Sebadoh’s Jason Lowenstein and String Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth to play with them.

The album, titled Remember, is released on August 19 and includes 51 tracks, some of which stretch back to recordings made in 2005. The band is also touring, with Eleanor taking up guitar duties and Hollingsworth joining on keyboards, in support of last year’s Widow City. Here’s the full track listing for Remember and those tour dates.


Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Blueberry Boat
03. Single Again
04. Two Fat Feet
05. Don't Dance Her Down
06. Single Again (Reprise)
07. Wicker Whatnots
08. Little Thatched Hut
09. I'm In No Mood
10. Black-Hearted Boy
11. Bitter Tea
12. Waiting To Know You
13. Vietnamese Telephone Ministry
14. Oh Sweet Woods
15. Borneo
16. Benton Harbor Blues
17. Japanese Slippers
18. Benton Harbor Blues (Reprise)
19. Whistle Rhapsody
20. Crystal Clear
21. Whistle Rhapsody (Reprise)
22. Teach Me Sweetheart
23. Evergreen
24. Bitter Tea (Reprise)

Disc 2
01. Chris Michaels
02. Quay Cur
03. My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found
04. Spaniolated
05. Name Game
06. Birdie Brain
07. 1917
08. Slavin' Away (Intro)
09. Tropical Ice-land
10. Asthma Attack
11. Tropical Ice-land (Reprise)
12. The Wayward Granddaughter
13. The Garfield El
14. A Candymaker's Knife In My Handbag
15. Forty-Eight Twenty-Three Twenty-Second St.
16. Slavin' Away
17. Seven Silver Curses
18. Clear Signal From Cairo
19. I'm Gonna Run
20. Here Comes The Summer
21. Chief Inspector Blancheflower
22. Automatic Husband
23. Ex-Guru
24. Clear Signal From Cairo (Reprise)
25. Philadelphia Grand Jury
26. Navy Nurse
27. Uncle Charlie

Tour dates:

05.02 Minneapolis, MN: Whole Music Club
05.17 Bennington, VT: Bennington College
05.28 Sacramento, CA: Harlow’s Night Club
05.29 San Francisco, CA: Great American Music Hall
05.30 Los Angeles, CA: Spaceland
05.31 Los Angeles, CA: Spaceland
06.01 Solana Beach, CA: Belly Up Tavern
06.02 Pomona, CA: The Glass House
06.03 Tucson, AZ: Plush Room
06.05 Aspen, CO: Belly Up Aspen
06.06 Boulder, CO: Fox Theatre
06.07 Denver, CO: Bluebird Theater
06.09 Omaha, NE: The Waiting Room
06.10 Des Moines, IA: Vaudeville Mews
06.11 Kansas City, MO: The Record Bar
06.12 St. Louis, MO: The Pageant (with the Raconteurs)
06.27 Pemberton, BC: Pemberton Music Festival

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