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Feminist Analysis Explains Why Everyone Hates Yoko Ono — and Why Nobody Should

 Over at Imagine Peace (and originally on the author's own blog), Cara Kulwicki examines in a multi-part series the reason for the very public, very widespread — and, she contends, very misdirected — disdain for Yoko Ono. 

A short list: she was pushy, controlling, got John addicted to heroin, was rude to the Beatles, stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong, constantly showed up uninvited, was a horrible artist who cared more about self-publicity than quality, she connived to get together with John for his money, encouraged him to leave The Beatles because she saw them as competition, and all around used him.

 One by one, Kulwicki expertly takes apart each of the standard arguments against Yoko — and tosses out some pretty sharp barbs at Ono's portrayal by Beatles biographers, as well.

Rather than calling out The Beatles for being chauvinist pigs, he presents the women repeatedly as wonderfully forgiving, selfless and demurely accepting of the “rules,” rather than abused and mistreated.  And in then introducing Yoko by saying that “after ten years, the rules were about to change,” it’s heavily implied that breaking the rules was indeed an offense worthy of scorn.  You see, it was wrong for The Beatles to treat their wives and girlfriends like subhuman shit - that is, until one of them had the audacity to demand respect, and even worse, actually got it.

 What ultimately makes the post so worth reading is that Kulwicki really does her research — rather than repeating "it's not fair!" without anything to back it up, the author cites lots of instances where so-called "facts" about Yoko are just plain wrong, and she never loses her sense of humor. In one of the best passages, Kulwicki explains how the typical Beatles girlfriend or wife was horribly mistreated, then explains how Yoko was different:

 The Beatles didn’t reject Yoko because they thought she was a crap musician - the thought of Yoko as a legitimate musician never actually seemed to cross their minds - but because she was a woman, and because the role of a Beatles woman was at home waiting for you all dolled up, not sitting by your side. ... It doesn’t make sense to blame Yoko instead of John, that is, if you look at this with a totally ungendered lenses. Once you factor in that Yoko was a woman - a feminist, opinionated woman who wasn’t blond or Caucasian or making herself up as eye-candy - things start to become clear. Bitches fuck shit up.

 In the end, Kulwicki does stick to a relatively simple explanation for Ono-hating: it's easier to hate her than to understand her.

People want her to be nothing more than an evil caricature.  She’s easier to pin down, understand, and revile that way.  Her wildly inaccurate image presents a way of understanding the world that backs up the misogynistic, racist status quo.

 But by the time you've read Kulwicki's entire piece (and it'll take a while — this is nothing she dashed off in an afternoon), the point feels hard-won. [Imagine Peace, The Curvature via The Daily Swarm]




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BS! I don't take my wife to work with me, and I don't know anyone who does.


Your point is irrelevant and misguided... If you took the time to read the original pieces, you'll see that.

Yoko Ono hate is fueled by misogyny and racism, and it's long overdue to stop.


Sorry, listen/look at any of her music from the 60's and 70's, it sucks, and she tried to push it into any situation involving John she could. Watch "Rock and Roll Circus", she was clearly not asked to participate but runs about the stage taking other musicians mics away so she can yowl into them. Horrible, classless, groupie self-promoter.


feminists are very lost souls.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/margaritaland/foto2.jpg margaritaland

And usually not hawt.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to be a feminist when I grew up. Then I met some feminists, and decided I'd just rather be unclassified.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/countessian/n669480319_1120716_1209.jpg rachel juarez-carr

I think most people 'hate' or 'blame' Ono is because they view her as the catalyst for the Beatles' split. The fact that they were already having internal schisms and were probably heading for a split anyway never comes into play. It's easier to "Blame Ono" than "Blame the Beatles."


I've personally been in a band where a woman has messed things up. If you try to mix a relationship with a band it will end in disaster. This is especially true when the girl you date knows nothing about playing music, or the music buisiness. If I were a physisist I wouldn't ask my wife to help me calculate complex formulas. People think just because these people are playing music, music buisness is a walk in the park.


What's a physisist?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/alexandria/n1474950012_30001741_1821.jpg alexandria

Have you ever noticed that Feminists start with a premise that women can't be held responsible for their actions? Pretty much at that point, anyone who believes in equality and equal rights just tunes them out.


I will only say I found it very hypocritical of her to promote Johns legacy for world peace, have a huge tribute show full of Rock and Roll stars and omit his son Julian from taking part?


Yoko was a loud, talentless, self-centered pathetic excuse for an artist. To blame her disrespect on the fact that 'she was a woman' is just plain stupid.

Anybody that listens to her garbage and actually believes it has artistic merit has to be brain-dead. C'mon, people, get serious! If screaming into a microphone passes for artistic talent than everybody is an artistic genius.


I have to agree with Renna 100%! Julian lost out on so much because of Yoko. And I must also add to the fact that I really can't see any talent in the woman other than her weasling in on a married man!! She knew all along what she was doing!! What a snake in the grass! And I know nobody ever did like her, that homewrecker!!


You want to know why there is no god? 5 shots, not one hit yoko. Still believe in god now?


People don't hate Yoko Ono for being a feminist, they hate her for breaking up the Beatles.


Did any of you actually read the article in question? From your completely ignorant and stupid comments, I think not. Seriously people. You all look like complete idiots.


I can't believe the HATE, especially after almost 50 years, but I guess I can understand it ?

Humans have a tendancy to hold grudges, which is really NOT healthy, imo.

Yoko 2

Yoko > Lennon

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

She was mean, manipulative, she started a new relationship just 2 months after John died, she sung terrible, she excuse herself trying to be avant-guard cause her "art" scuks, this is not a PROUD for ANY WOMAN, I dont think feminist feel happy if you add her to our list. Feminist are independent, she said she would kill herself if John did not answer her letters, even asked May Pang to be the gilrfriend of John when they split, just to make sure he did not meet a REAL woman.... you get real,


yoko ono was no feminist she stabbed another sister in the back (cynthia lennon) it does not matter that there marriage was going through problems you dont stab another sister in the back. Also when she and john where together he cheated on her as well they were at a party in new york and john had sex with this young lady in the bedroom and yoko was there at the apartment as well, once a cheater always a cheater and when she throught that she may lose john she got may pang (who work for them) to sleep with john lennon no real feminist women would ever do something like that. john and yoko marriage was a sham read the books by fred seamen and tony bramwell and you will see the truth about there relationship, Sean lennon as said in a interview that when he was about 4 years he father shouted so loud into is ear that he had to be taken to hospital and he is still affected by this. As for yoko breaking up the beatles she did not make things easy for the rest of the band but I think the beatles broke up the right time but she made sure that they were not close any more john was just to weak to do anything about it. I am fed up with people always saying poor yoko she brought alot of the things on to herself she knew what she was doing from day one. She and her then husband tony cox plannned this to happen he tony cox told her to sleep with john and john like a fool did, (READ TONY BRAMWELL BOOK) she stopped julian from having a close relationship with is father ( even though john is really to blame for that happening ) sorry for all the john and yoko fans but there marriage was one big lie.

sheila graham

Yoko is simply a nasty woman who was and IS pretty hateful to John Lennon's firstborn son, Julian. No article can change that fact. But I suppose that is ok with Cara Kulwicki, because Julian is male.

P.S. Yoko Ono sings terribly.


Yoko Ono is very scared right now. When you see what is going to happen soon like wow it will be talked about for years. John Lennon has a love child daughter and Yoko hid this daughter's inheritance. That's right ladies and gentlemen. You will see once and for all the wicked witch of the west in 2011 trying to defend herself. She is doing it now by doing magazine interviews. I didn't break up the beatles. Saying a conspiracy that Chapman was sent. She is looking for a way out of the fraud that she committed. Stay tuned it is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!111


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