Feist taking a break, possibly permanent break from Broken Social Scene

    After performing at the Grammys and touring nonstop, apparently Feist is starting to feel a little bit crowded in by her own success. According to Canadian Press, the singer is about to take a break so that she can "rest for a minute."

    "[My career] has become kind of large and it really began for me very, very small, like me alone in my bedroom with my four-track and a pair of headphones."
    The singer elaborated, "I just need to go back there for a while to get my bearings again and then know what to do next. I just need to let it rest for a minute."

    That’s completely warranted; when you blow up overnight and a lot of people mistake you for some kind of Vanessa Carltonesque singer-songwriter, some rest is only reasonable.

    What’s a little upsetting is what Feist said about Broken Social Scene. "It’s not really as interesting for me as it once was," Feist said. "[It] would be like a reunion to be able to hang out with everyone – but I can do that around a kitchen table too."

    Obviously the band has been able to record some good albums and put on some great shows without her, but I don’t think anyone can doubt that if this is true, it’s sad news indeed. There goes your chances of seeing "Almost Crimes" live.