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Lovely lyrical epiphanies

Have you ever been sitting around listening to an album and had a lyric just pop right out and smack you in the face with its greatness? I recently picked back up a copy of the solo album (cover at left) from Neil Halstead (lead singer of the bands Slowdive and Mojave 3) after losing an old burned version I had from my college DJing days. I've always loved the opening line to the song "Hi-Lo and Inbetween": "One day it just snowed I guess and they closed the roads into your heart." Wow. Gorgeous.
So what special song lyrics hit you right where it counts? Post away in the comments.
On the topic, when is Halstead going to get around to making another solo album? Because that last Mojave 3 album did absolutely nothing for me.
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Neil Halstead

um any line john darnielle utters is gold. this line from "there will be no divorce" is particularly evocative: "you gathered your hair behind your head like god was gonna catch you by the pony tail"mountain goats forever!


beulah, "night is the day turned inside out"i don't love you to death/but i'd die if you left/from state to state/you know i'd race/but nobody knows which exit is yours


"Look, I've never had a dream in my lifeBecause a dream is what you wanna do, but still haven't pursuedI knew what I wanted and did it till it was doneSo i've been the dream that I wanted to be since day one!"Lucy's last words from Aesop Rock's 'No Regrets'.

J To The A.A.P.

Aesop used to have great lyrics.


indeed... you could pick & choose lines from every track on Labor Days.


any and every line off illmatic. for pure badassness: "nigga, you ain't got to explain shit, i been robbin' motherfuckas since the slave ships, with the same clip, and the same .45, two point blank, a mother fuckas sure to die, thats my word, nigga even try to broke gaurd, i'll have his mother screaming it's so haaard"- Biggie"why are you so far away from me?"- weezer. yeah sure it's nothing special, but it's all in the delivery. god i miss the glory days of Rivers.

Kid A

"music doesn't need me/I am the smallest sound"--Cex "Drive Off A Mountain"


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