Fat Possum Releasing Physical Copies Of MellowHype’s ‘Blackenedwhite’

    MellowHype initially released their sophomore effort, Blackenedwhite, last October for free, as they were following the lead set by the rest of their cohorts in Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. And like those other projects, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats’ BlackenedWhite was certainly the kind of album worth spending money on. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before the OFWGKTA duo got scooped up by an indie label interested in releasing their music.


    Unlike Tyler, the Creator, though — who we all know signed to XL to release Goblin — MellowHype has inked a deal with Fat Possum to issue physical copies of their second album. It will feature new bonus content and has since been remixed and remastered. According to the label’s website, Blackenedwhite is set for a “physical release on CD and vinyl this summer.” Another point for the young Wolves who clearly know which labels to sign with.