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Fat Joe Cleared Of All Charges

Fat Joe Cleared Of All Charges

Rapper Fat Joe, who was earlier this week accused of "inappropriate touching" with a female in his limo in Madison, Wisc., was cleared of all charges this morning, after police found that Joe was never in direct contact with the woman to begin with. Here's a statement released from Joe's publicist:

Joseph Cartagena, known as Fat Joe, and others have been officially cleared by the Madison Wisconsin Police Department of any wrongdoing. Fat Joe had no contact with, and never spoke to his accuser. He was questioned for a few minutes at his hotel room and was never detained by the police.


Making a false claim of a sexual nature in order to extort money is one of the most horrific accusations because it not only tarnishes reputations but has the potential to destroy families. Mr. Cartagena wholeheartedly thanks his family, friends, and fans for their continued support, loyalty, and words of encouragement throughout this ordeal.

As Prefix's pre-eminent sexual assault accusations against rappers reporter, I am sad to see this one wrap so quickly. But as a human with other interests, I am happy. 

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