Fan Gets Kicked Out Of Show For “Talking Shit On Twitter”

    Nerd rappers take care of their own: that’s what fan Mike Taylor learned when he tweeted something insulting about Richie Branson, the opener for MC Chris at Union Transfer in Philadelphia. Here are the offending words: “Dear nerd rapper opening for Powerglove/MC Chris. You’re not good enough to pander to me. Better luck next time.”

    MC Chris saw the tweet — apparently the internet is, like, pretty fast — and singled out Taylor, pointing at him and signaling for security to remove him from the show, saying “That’s what you get for talking shit on Twitter.” 

    Taylor posted the details of his tweet-gone-wrong on Reddit, then his supporters cooked up a hashtag campaign (#TeamProMikey), after which point MC Chris apologized…on Twitter. Nerdcore rappers, take note: when you start a beef, do it in person, but make sure to continue it on every social network you can.