Family Peed On During Metallica Concert

    More than moshing occurred at a Metallica concert in Glendale, Arizona.

    Metallica - Man Pees On Family During Concert

    If you’ve ever been to a Metallica concert, you would expect all sorts of mayhem. There’s moshing, head banging, screaming at the top of your lungs, sweat flying in all directions – but is being peed on one of them?

    At a Metallica concert at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona had a family urinated on. During the event 44-year-old Daniel Francis Daddio allegedly had peed on three members of a family that had seats in front of him.

    The court documents had statements from the father. During the concert the father stated that “all three of his family members felt warm liquid washing over their backs and legs.”

    The documents continued to state that Daddio was standing “behind them in the row of seats just above theirs with his penis out of his pants and in his hands… Daddio was urinating on all three of his family members.” Even more disturbing is that the family included their 10-year-old daughter.

    Soon after the incident, the parents notified authorities. According to Bart Graves, a public information officer for the state troopers “, Two troopers responded and they contacted the wife and daughter. Minutes later, the two witnesses pointed out a man walking out of stands into concessions area and informed troopers he was the man who urinated on them.”

    Daddio was eventually arrested at 9:30pm that evening. A ticket that he held confirmed that he was seated directly behind the family.

    The judge charged Daddio with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

    Below is a photo of Daddio during his court appearance over the weekend.

    Daniel Francis Daddio Peed On A Family During A Metallica Concert

    Let that be a lesson to all of you metal heads out there. Just because you’re at a seated concert and not in the middle of a mosh put, stay alert. Who knows what kind of intoxicated creepazoid could be causing mayhem right behind your seats.