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FaltyDL Announces New LP, 'You Stand Uncertain'

FaltyDL Announces New LP, 'You Stand Uncertain'

FaltyDL, a.k.a New York-based dubstep producer Drew Lustman, has announced the details of his sophomore album and follow-up to 2009's acclaimed Love Is A Liability. You Stand Uncertain will be released March 14 via Planet Mu. Notable is the inclusion of guest vocalists, Anneka (known for her work with Philadelphia producer Starkey) and Lily McKenzie, which marks a first for FaltyDL. Snippets of the album can be heard here. Album art is above, track list below.


Track List:


01. Gospel of Opal (ft. Anneka)
02. The Pacifist
03. Open Space
04. Brazil (ft. Lily McKenzie)
05. Eight Eighteen Ten
06. It’s All Good
07. You Stand Uncertain
08. Lucky Luciano
09. Voyager
10. Tell Them Stories
11. Play With My Heart
12. Waited Patiently (ft. Lily McKenzie)

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