Fall Out Boy mad at Blender over upcoming cover story

    Fall Out Boy are slated as the cover boys for Blender’s January issue, and in advance of the story, you know, actually appearing on newstands, the band are reportedly steamed at the magazine for what they’ve deemed "sensationalist" reporting.


    "The Blender article is pure bullsh–," FOB drummer Andy Hurley wrote on his Twitter account late Tuesday. "It’s sensationalist bullsh– made up to sell a story. It’s [full of] out-of-context quotes."

    The out-of-context quotes Hurley is talking about pertain to reporter Josh Eells reporting that Hurley slammed down and iPhone and punched a door frame over the Packers losing a game, and quotes from Patrick Stump saying he quit the band.


    "I never hit a door for 45 seconds. I may have been yelling, like all my friends and I do, but if I did anything that crazy, it was as a joke," Hurley wrote. "That is total bullsh–. I wound never slam my iPhone, and I never punched a metal door frame for any time. Yeah, I’m totally going to kill myself over a football game."

    Here’s what Stump had to say about his misquotes:


    "Did I quit the band? Did I say what appeared in the article? Of course. But followed immediately by it was something to the tune of this: I quit, until I started writing my solo songs and I realized how much I need him. My songs sucked without Pete and they were less fun to write," Stump wrote MTV News in an e-mail. "I love the guy, he’s my best friend, and I realized that for all the decisions I’d ever gotten mad at him about, I likely would’ve done exactly the same in his position. I quit the band (as we all have, by the way, that’s part of being in bands) and when I returned I resolved to keep doing this as long as all four of us were having fun."

    For their part, Blender is standing by their reporter and story, but it is the second time in a year that the magazine has been accused by a cover subject of taking quotes out of context for sensationalism– Alicia Keys’ quote about ganster rap in April required her to release a statement saying the quoutes were out of context. [MTV]