Facebook Posts Hint at Smiths’ ‘Queen Is Dead’ Reissue

    Please, please, please let us get what we want this time...

    If there’s one kind of come-down that melancholic indie nostalgists have become accustomed to by now, it’s the disappointment that follows a too-good-to-be-true Smiths rumor.

    But that’s okay. Like with any worthwhile drug, the come-down is hardly enough to keep us from fiending for our fix.

    But this time, we might actually have something in the bag.

    As NME (that famous thorn in Moz’s side) observed today, a series of posts have been cropping up discreetly on The Smiths’ official Facebook page hinting, rather strongly, that a Queen Is Dead reissue might be forthcoming.


    Posted by The Smiths on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

    The first post came yesterday morning in the form of a black-and-white photograph featuring a knowing-looking young girl adorned in traditional cultural headwear. The post was captioned simply with the hashtag, “#TQID,” the initials of The Smiths’ iconic third album.


    Posted by The Smiths on Thursday, June 15, 2017

    Yesterday’s post was followed by another one today, featuring a morose still of a handful of stone-faced young lads couriering what appears to be a coffin. The post was captioned with the identical hashtag, but this time also bearing tomorrow’s date, “16.06.17,” albiet no further details.

    Morrissey, who cancels concerts with roughly the same frequency as he performs them, and ritually crushes any grain of hope for a Smiths reunion, has done well to condition his fans to resist getting their hopes up. But the clues so brazenly planted here make the temptation for premature glee yet stronger.

    The Queen Is Dead, widely regarded as The Smiths’ epochal moment turned 30 last year, but according to Morrissey, he failed to rouse label interest in preparing a reissue.

    Morrissey wrote last year through his True to You fansite, “I am sorry that Warner UK or Sire US cannot provide any celebrations for the anniversaries of both recordings, but, perhaps some label bosses have their eye on a tatty OBE, and perhaps others simply have detachable heads.”

    And never one to resist out-Morrissey-ing himself, he went on:

    “Bleeding to death, I therefore have the restless gall to ask of you that, should you have 99 cents/pence, that you purchase ‘The Queen Is Dead’ track in the final week of May, thus possibly edging it into the corner of everyone’s ear in the UK Top 100 – if only to let them know that we are still here and fully aware of the fox-fur on the hall-stand.”

    Ok, then.

    Watch Morrissey perform the title track from The Queen Is Dead in 2007 at the Hollywood Bowl: