Facebook Launches Music-Creation Game ‘Songster’

    Facebook doesn’t just want you to share what you’re listening to on streaming services like Spotify, it also wants to allow you the ability to create music socially. At least, that appears to be the aim of the social networking giant’s collaboration with Mowgli called Songster, which was announced today at SXSW.

    Mashable reports that users will be able to sign-in with their Facebook accounts and then create songs in the “rap,” “rock,” and “alternative” genres. They can then share their music with their friends, connect with other players, and perform at virtual venues.

    Here’s what Mowgli founder and CEO Marshall Seese Jr. told Mashable:

    “As a musician, I’m really passionate about people connecting through music,” he [said]. “So I wanted to enable anyone to make great songs, not just sounds. Social gaming seemed like a great fit because it embraces user creation.”

    You can play now at the Songster website. Let us know what you think of this idea and the game, if you choose to play it, in our comments section.