Facebook Launches Further Spotify Integration

    The days of posting Facebook links to songs via low-fidelity YouTube videos seem to be gone, at least for Spotify users. Facebook has unveiled better integration with the music subscription service by allowing users to post Spotify-hosted songs from their favorite artists.

    The feature is similar to what already exists for uploading a photo or a video to a post. When a user goes to a specific artist’s page, they now have the option of sharing a Spotify link to their own page by clicking on the “Share Music” button and searching for the specific song. Then that song will get added to their own page with their own comment. Artists can also track their most popular songs with a module that includes the number of Spotify plays through Facebook.

    Right now the service is only available through artists who allow users to post to their pages. Presumably, in the future it will also show up on any profile, just like a photo or video link. [Daily Swarm/Inside Facebook]