Facebook Group Trying To Get John Cage’s 4’33” To Number 1 In The U.K.


    Getting Rage Against the Machine’s expletive riddled “Killing in the Name” to the number 1 slot in the U.K. singles chart is a hard act to follow. But a few plucky souls on the other side of the Atlantic are planning another audacious seasonal grab for that hallowed Christmas number 1 spot, this time with an attempt to get John Cage’s 4’33” into pole position. 

    The Cage Against the Machine group is trying to get the British public to take Cage’s 1952 composition–which simply consists of four and a half minutes of silence–to their hearts, with over 15,000 people signing up to the cause at the time of making this post. Head over to this Facebook group to see how you can contribute. 

    How radio stations will cope with the potential dead air involved in broadcasting Cage’s piece is anyone’s guess, but the members of the group are clearly getting some kicks out of it regardless of the outcome. “My neighbours keep telling me to turn it down,” writes one person. While you listen to the piece above and wait in anticipation to see how Cage Against the Machine fares, check out this excellent piece on the campaign by Tom Ewing in the Guardian.