‘Facebook Gifts’ Will Let Users Send Real Gifts To Their Real Friends

    Since Facebook is already consciously and unconsciously running our lives, it makes sense that Zuckerberg would introduce yet another feature preventing us from “logging out.” From the people that brought you the laziest possible way of wishing your college roommate’s sister a happy birthday, comes Facebook Gifts. Yes. Real, tangible, non-Farmville gifts.

    According to the website, Facebook Gifts (the tagline being “Real Friends. Real Gifts,” which begs the question: what kind of gifts are they offering for the hundreds of friend requests we accepted out of guilt?) will allow users to choose, pay for, and send gifts from the privacy of their homes. So basically like Amazon or every other retail website. The selling point is this: you don’t even need to know your friend’s address, Facebook will look it up for you! Also, you don’t need to logout of Facebook–you never need to logout of Facebook!

    A cynical person might question the validity of a so-called “real” friendship when a social networking site is tasked with pulling contact info, but let’s be honest, when was the last time you addressed an envelope?

    As for the gifts, they range from the typical (flowers, teddy bears, chocolate) to the ultra-specific (Happy Socks for Men, anyone?).

    For more information, visit the launch website or just wait for the little Facebook Gifts box to appear on the right hand side of your screen. [Gizmodo]