Exclusive Album Stream: Paperfang’s Debut LP, ‘Past Perfect’

    After releasing singles and an EP for the past two years, the time was finally ripe for Finland’s Paperfangs to construct their debut LP. Self-described as “a collective of three daydreamers”, drawing inspirations from “old movies, visual arts, geometric shapes, late night biking trips, vintage girl groups, chamber pop and shoegaze as well as the latest indie gems”, the Helsinki / Tampere trio paints an audio canvas of lilting and wistful collage on Past Perfect.

    One can imagine being a transient, strolling through a Nordic town as the withering winter surrenders to the budding spring, absorbing senses and sensations that self-constructs into affecting vignettes but oh so fleeting… Sweet without being syrupy, pleasant without being dull, Paperfangs’ synth-swathed baroque pop gently soars and falls with the rhythm of life.

    Stream the entire album exclusively here, and hope you support our friends across the sea, when Past Perfect becomes available digitally worldwide on February 22 via Soliti.