Ex-Ozzy Guitarist Zakk Wylde Names Son ‘Sabbath’

    Zakk Wylde used to play guitar in Ozzy Osbourne’s backing band, and now he’s paying his former boss back in the best way possible: Wylde has just named his newborn son Sabbath. Yup, his son’s name will be Sabbath Wylde.

    It’s of course in honor of Black Sabbath, but the heavy metal guitarist–who now leads the group Black Label Society–has a history of bestowing musical names on his progeny. Sabbath will join his sibling Hendrix Wylde in a particular musical household. I’d hate to be their other siblings, though: they get boring names like Hayley Rae and Jesse.

    Sabbath Wylde–there’s hope he’ll retain the heavy metal crown and follow in his father’s footsteps, but most likely he’ll rebel and become a mild-mannered CPA or something. [NME]