Ex-Girls Frontman Christopher Owens Announces Debut Solo Album ‘Lysandre’

    The indie world was somewhat shocked and dismayed when Christopher Owens left the San Francisco group Girls after just two critically-acclaimed albums. But we all knew he’d come back to the musical world in some form or another, and now those suspicions have been confirmed.

    On Jan. 15, Fat Possum will release Owens’ debut solo album, titled Lysandre. Ownes himself describes the album as “a coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story,” and the title reportedly concerns a French girl Owens met during his first tour in 2008. Owens goes on to say that it’s “the most focused effort I’ve ever made musically.”

    Below, take a listen to the album’s first two songs–the chamber pop beauty of “Lysandre’s Theme” and the gentle folk-rock of “Here We Go”–and check out the track list as well.


    Lysandre track list:

    01 Lysandre’s Theme
    02 Here We Go
    03 New York City
    04 A Broken Heart
    05 Here We Go Again
    06 Riviera Rock
    07 Love Is in the Ear of the Listener
    08 Lysandre
    09 Everywhere You Knew
    10 Closing Theme
    11 Part of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)