Ex-Cro-Mags Bassist Attacks Current Band Members With Hunting Knife


    Last night at NYC’s CBGB Festival, former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan wasn’t content to let his ex-bandmates play the stage without him. The tattooed and muscled musician barreled into the VIP section of Webster Hall with a hunting knife to stab, bite and maul current members of the band he founded. Michael Couls and William Berario were both taken to the hospital with minor stab wounds, while Flanagan was charged with two counts of second degree assault and possessing an illegal weapon. He suffered a broken leg after being jumped by security and had to be wheeled out of the venue. 

    Given that Flanagan was supposed to be barred from the performance entirely, it’s still unclear how he made it past security with a huge hunting knife, of all things. But the lesson here seems clear: if you’re going to start up a punk band, make sure your bassist isn’t a horror flick-worthy lunatic.

    Here is video of Cro-Mags’ John Joseph explaining the cancellation of the show: